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About Megelen's Waterwise Landscpes

Hi, my name is Chris Meglen and welcome to Meglen’s Waterwise Landscapes website. I would like to share with you my experiences, qualifications and ideas about landscaping in beautiful Colorado.

After graduating from CSU in 02’ with a degree in landscape/nursery management and design I started Meglen’s Waterwise Landscapes. I’ve had years of experience working at garden centers, helping homeowners and landscapers find the right plants for the right areas. I’ve also worked in the fields designing landscapes and irrigation systems for contractors and homeowners. After doing this for eight years I realized that I wanted to specialize in this field and start my own business. In 2002 I started my business with a truck, a pencil and paper and the skills needed for the mission. 

I only run one crew at a time and only have 1 job going at a time. This makes us more efficient if we can start and finish one project at a time instead of being side tracked by other projects. Another advantage this gives us is great communication between myself, my crew and you! You have my personal undivided attention throughout the duration of your project. Landscaping is an art, simply said what I do for a living is just that. I love to design and construct beautifully finished landscapes.